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Single Origin Nº 01・Costa Rica・1KG

€27,60 €34,50

Our coffee roaster Olaf says: "This is an amazing coffee. We are allowed to participate in a Dutch project in which the coffee comes directly from a coffee plantation in Costa Rica. This 'direct trade' gives this coffee farmer twice the market price and a slightly better life. Costa Rica makes beautiful coffee for decades and is known for the Yellow Honey processing method. That gives a wonderfully sweet touch to this single origin coffee. There are slightly less bitters in it and therefore slightly softer with milk, but wow ... drink this coffee without additives . Be careful not to get addicted to this! " 

Intensity: ◼︎◼︎◼︎◻︎◻︎
Type: 100% arabica | Single origin
Origin: Costa Rica
Flavor reference: Dark chocolate・caramel・rosehip・almond・vanilla
Suitable for: Espresso・Lungo・Americano・Cappuccino
Brewing method: Semi-automatic・filter・fully automatic

Roaster: Spot On coffee roasters | Amsterdam
Burner: Olaf Tromp

Do you want to have the coffee ground for espresso or an Aeropress, moka pot/Percolator or cafetière/French press? Then choose Special grind and let us know in the shopping cart in the comments field which brewing method you use.

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